We're pretty chill, however there are a few
simple rules to follow.


You can view open positions on the job board tab.

Requests to mods will be ignored.

Yes, you can use /mute (player) to mute an individual. They will still be able to interact with you, but not chat.

You can use /report (player) (reason) and a Moderator will review as soon as possible. This will temporarily mute communications between you and that player.

In rare cases we can grant you access again. This all depends on the original reason you were banned and your history. Apply through the ban appeals forum thread.


Absolutely No Discrimination, We're LGBTQ Friendly & Founded.

We welcome everyone and take negative comments and discrimination very seriously. Our zero tolerance policy will have you instantly banned for intolerable behavior.

Raiding Is Allowed. Claim Your Land!

To protect your hard work, claim your land. When you join the server you are given a book with instructions on how to claim land. You will gain more land claim points as you spend time on the server. If a trusted member destroys something of yours, ask a Moderator to restore the land.

No Politics & No Drama

We want friendly conversation, let’s keep drama out of our server.