mcMMO offers skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics and a more in-depth PvP!

Land Claim

We use GriefPrevention to offer our players land claims, it’s very important to land claim since we allow raids on our server.

Auto Rankings

The more time you spend on the server, the more perks you get, completely automated.

Friend Bonus

Recieve 32 diamonds and $5,000 in game cash for each referred user, confirm with a moderator to claim.


Player shops, server shops, jobs, and things to keep your wallet busy.

Real Estate

Builders create homes and list them on the market place, you can easily buy, take a tour, or list your estate.


We take hourly backups to make sure your player data is safe. Ask a Moderator if you have an issue with corrupted data.


We have our own VMWare powered cloud. If there is ever a rush in user activity we can expand capacity within minutes.

Multiverse Coming Soon

New maps with new rules, games, and creative mode.